Keeping track of things

I'd say that I'm a tidy person. I love to put things in the right place but sometimes it's hard to remember everything and I hate to forget things. So here I talk about a few services I use to keep track of the things in my life. Let's see:

✅ Google Keep

I've recently started using Google Keep and I don't want to miss it. I have several notes with ideas for future projects, things I want to sell, stuff I still need for my apartment, a small (and hopefully achievable) bucket list and a simple everyday to-do list. I'm using the latter one as widget on my home screen for quick access. Now I'll never forget to buy some damn bread again. 🍞

👜 Pocket

Pocket is a nifty little tool that let's you store basically anything you want to read/watch at some later point. I'm coming across a lot of interesting links (mostly webdev related) on websites like Twitter, Reddit, Sidebar or Medium and Pocket let me save them with ease. You can search and tag your list within Pocket and you also get recommended, fitting articles. The only downside is that I save more than I read but that is not the app its fault. I should just open Pocket the next time I want to take a look at insert any social media platform. 🙈

🕹 Backloggery

My Backloggery profile

If you're a PC gamer, you probably have a lot of games thanks to the numerous Steam sales and Humble Bundles. Being mostly digital makes it even harder to keep track of them. But no worries, Backloggery is the best service to maintain your game collection. It's easy to use and there are lot of options to categorize your games (System, Ownership, Achievements, Region, Review and so on). It's fun to use and encourages you to beat your backlog someday ... hopefully. They also seem to be working on a remake to make the whole site responsive. Nice! 👾


My profile

I listen to a lot of music (aprox. 4-6 hours daily) and also a lot of different bands. I remember my first account (about 10 years ago) where I only listened to Smash Mouth and Schandmaul. Ah, good times. But that's not the case anymore. It's interesting to see how often my behaviour in listening music changes. For example, I've already scrobbled more this year than I did in 2014. Note: I have a new account since 2018.

I wish there was a better alternative to though. The site's gone downhill since the redesign. At least features that existed in the past are slowly making a return. But it's a pain in the ass to manage your library. You can't even delete artists or albums, you have to delete each track to get rid of things. I'm using a snippet so I don't have to click the remove button 100 times. Really? There's also no way to correct tags and the auto-correct feature isn't always reliable.