I'm a huge fan of rhythm games and I used to be an avid osu! player back in 2008 until 2010. I also was in the top 100 for a long time (though the community wasn't that big back in the day).

Nowadays I'm only playing casually but I still love the game. There are some really great beatmaps out there if you know where to look (I'm working on a list).

Below are my own custom beatmaps which I'm very fond of.
My favourite ones are marked with a star (⭐).

Beatmaps that are currently work in progress

I've recently started mapping again (after seven years) and I hope I can share some new beatmaps soon. Look forward to cool stuff like Beartooth, BMTH, Enter Shikari, My Chemical Romance, Silverstein and more! 😎🤟

These are my latest beatmaps I've created in ~2011 to 2012. They feature one typical Nharox difficulty (around 4.xx stars) and are at 99.99% symmetry. 😏

You can download the complete package with all 15 maps here.

Ranked beatmaps

A lot of my older, ranked beatmaps haven't aged that well over the years. The mapping scene just started growing and different mapping styles/techniques have been created. But the listed ones here are still quite fun to play! 🙂